Saturday, April 15, 2017


Those three mixed up in my mind more than anything

I hate people
I hate surroundings
I hate those whom generalize everything
I hate those close minded human being
I really do

My mother today
Has proven me that she is one of those
Generalize everything
Said that she has a great and academic-minded husband
My dad, whom I proud of
Said that she learn everything from him

My closest person
Whom I told everything to
Said that he is now busy arranging thesis
Said that he is a master student
But can't see anything other than from one side of perspective
Not saying that he's close minded
But that's a pity
To only see something from one side

Soul Surfer
A very inspiring film
Has teach me about life and seeing it from many perspectives possible
That something bad happened might not entirely bad
That we need to see everything from every angle
You lost your money
Maybe you need to give some to the poor
You lost a friend
Maybe you need to keep planting good deeds to another friend
And that might keep them close
You lost an arm
Maybe something good will happen someday

Why would people degrade your ability and knowledge
I still can't answer that
Because I can't accept people judging others
Why would people say something mean and horrible to you
Maybe they also struggle
Maybe it is hard for them to stay kind
Because people bullied them

I say
We keep reading
Keep socializing
Keep learning about life
And how its gonna turn out

Its not okay
To have a mind that stay as hard as rocks
If you admit that you can handle criticism
Or you like to be on a heating chair, debating
You should erase all that stubbornness

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