Saturday, April 29, 2017

I Got Beaten Up to Death

Have you ever feel a magnificent level of proud you have in your head about your knowledge?
That you perhaps masters one thing you really honored in your life.
But all of a sudden
You fail to survive in that particular field

I have.
And I feel like the world has beaten me down and buried me

I'm now currently watching one specific Netflix program that rated as violence. and I kinda enjoy that. One scene illustrates about the feeling of a person who actually experienced to be buried alive. Still breathing, still blinking. and it terrifies me.

I think that's what I feel after the test.
I wasted so much money on preparing everything.
Joined a class, literally everything.
And I'm still failed.

I plan everything to be done this July
But if I really fail this test, I'm done
I'll probably take the test again sometimes in the next 2 months
But then, my plan about the whole thing to be done this July may be vanished

See you again 2018....

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