Monday, November 5, 2018

The #UIProud Phenomenon

I’ve been struggling to get out of this writer block thingy that people usually have when their head were just too full. It’s been days, I guess two? Or three. Just days have left, and I suddenly have the guts to say, explain and conclude this. It is a very unpopular opinion, so this is a heads-up for some of them readers who happen to be one of my friends or just a stranger who stumble upon my blog and just not agree to what im going to say, please just leave. I don’t want to cause any trouble, but this has been bugging me since the day I stood upon my uni life as a master student.

Another heads-up is: I’m not the kind of person who likes bragging. That’s just me as a personality. I know getting into one of the best universities in Indonesia has been everyone’s dream, so once they were given a chance to study there, they would brag. Most of them brag on social media, or just as simple as sticking the university’s sticker on the back of your laptop, wearing their merchandise or hanging the university’s keychain logo on your backpack. That’s just something simple but can be considered as bragging to society. I know it’s like you wanted people around you to know that you are one of the students there and since getting into the uni was very difficult so then you wanted to be seen as one of the smarts so that makes your head a little higher than when you’re not wearing their merch or hanging their keychain. Maybe it’s you, but it’s just not me.

I’ve studied my bachelor in that uni, that one of the best and most prestigious uni, and for once I have never bought any merchandise. I have never bragged about them in my social media—I just brag when I finally graduated since y’know, people upload their graduation pictures and I look good there, so I just want to. I notice my surroundings also never done that. My friends have never upload the uni just to show their following and followers that they studied there. They have never just for fun bought merchandise and wore them to class. I wanted to say that we don’t have to brag about them by showing what we wear outside. We just need to show them what we are inside, and that does not happen in my master.

A lot of my friends are from outside the uni. Maybe some of them were failed when they took the bachelor test back then and just wanted to pay their vengeance by getting into the uni for master. I get that, and I’m sorry if you were the one who failed numerous times to get into the uni. I know I would never expect me to get into the uni either if it wasn’t because of luck and prayers. So naturally, their vengeance repaid successfully, and they usually celebrate: by bragging. Telling people in social media, buying loads of merchandise, updating every class they had that day, just becoming very immature bunch of people—carelessly using the social media. When I first saw them, I don’t know what to say. A lot of them are from private universities, so getting into public university is making them feel excessive pleasure. I have three friends from public university, but not the same uni as mine, and they are fine. In fact, they are super fine that I love talking to them. They are kind of in the same shape as me.

Since the majority is experiencing excessive pleasure, I kind of want to review, or just observe the #UIProud that I just made couple months ago—haha. I guess this hashtag isn’t literal. I know nobody use the hashtag so like I said it’s just me making it up. I notice that one of my friends once made a very long review in his instagram story regarding the test he took to get into the uni for master. He basically explained about how most people think that getting into master in the uni is much easier than bachelor is wrong. He includes most of his thoughts in there and just wanted to say that ‘hey! Regardless of the degree, getting into this uni is a very hard task to do and your comment is just wrong! It is a very hard test!’ et cetera. I didn’t read much because it’s just bugging me, so I skipped it. Not just that, he always—always! Like every day—update his social media about his class he went that day, his lecturers, his paper that due that day, even his final score—which turned out to be outstanding. I know it’s not a bad thing, it’s just not that appropriate and that’s what I considers the phenomenon.

This phenomenon is some sort of vanity—or pride that they want to deliver just to give their surroundings some kind of proof that they made it into the best university in Indonesia. I would say it’s rather annoying, but that happens to most of them, so I can do nothing. I think having a chance to study in humanity field is just the thing that changes me into this personality: more working, less bragging. I remember a lot of my seniors back in Depok told me that my batch is the batch that use social media constantly, especially updating about the uni. My batch back in 2014 I guess, made #SIAKWAR a trending topic on Twitter. That’s wild…… and because of that, my seniors told us repeatedly that please, don’t be tacky. He wanted the juniors to be as humble and as modest as possible. He wanted the juniors to just be classy—updating in social media numerous times about the uni isn’t classy, it’s more of a trashy kind of gesture. That’s saddening, but his speech was heard by a bunch of us and we suddenly got it and stop the tackiness.

I guess what I’m trying to say is it’s better to show your smart-ass through your attitude and achievement rather than your sort of snobbery in social media. It’s classier and way appropriate. It’s worthier to have called you as the student of one of the best universities in Indonesia if people were to judge you as based on your social media updates. That’s why this phenomenon is kind of bothered me and kind of not parallel with how huge and prestige the university is. It’s kind of strange that this happened in master field where people expect you to be mature about having accepted in reputable uni, but I guess age is just a number.

The other thing that bothers me besides their attitude they show in social media is also their attitude towards each other, each scholar to be exact. I experienced something odd in one of study group. Apparently, I was paired with this guy that I mention above. Besides his snobbery and excessive pride of being one of the students in the uni, he is also always competitive. I get if you want to be competitive in a non-group discussion, but talking to me as if I were your competitor whilst I am one of the ‘crew’ in your group that makes us the same? I don’t get it. I will never get it. That day was a turning point for me. At first, I appreciate him as one of the eldest in our class and just as a person despite of his attitude that bolster the phenomenon. Yet, it’s hard for me to just be polite to him. He talked to me that day as if I was lazy ass and stupid for asking one thing: hey, what information you want to highlight in this topic? I don’t have the slightest knowledge about this, so your insight would be very helpful. And he was like: pffft, that means I get to be the one doing your work. What do you do then after I give you insights? – that moment, I immediately think this guy is weird as fuck. Why would you think that in a group discussion, having a proper discussion since we are in the same group would make me not work and would make you the one working double…? Dude let’s be real. I just asked one question and that’s because I have no idea about the topic. You could just give me a small hint and I would be just fine but nooo……. You talk back to me as if I were lazy stupid and dumb. It’s just unacceptable. It’s nonsense. It’s stupid. It’s not me whose stupid, it’s you.

So that’s the conclusion. I guess the conclusion isn’t officially listed in one proper sentence.