Friday, January 5, 2018

The worst day in 2018

2018 starts off real boring. 
We usually spent new year's eve together going around the city, mostly bonding on each other. 
This year we decided to stay at home doing home activities. 
Or at least for me.
He had gone off to his friends house playing play station yet I stayed up till 11 and conked out at 00:00.

2018 he still unemployed. 
He's the one with big hope, hope to send us to the altar this year.
Yet he still unemployed. Until day 5 of 2018. 
He has done hundreds of interview and none of them stick out for him. 
I always wonder why. 
He's from a very sophisticated university.
Earned his master already.
Both from the same world class university. Nobody, even nobody had never heard about the uni i've mentioned.

The worst day come to this. This very day.
First, my manager's gone for a few days send me into thinking that maybe its okay for me to also take the day off this friday. Since I moved to a new building with new rules, I can't do day-off without consulting it to a team leader. The leader said its okay, she'll cover. She even said to me that you better do this now before your manager comes back I mean yes right I thought of that already. My friend and I have the same way of thinking and we kinda decided to take the day-off together. Everything was okay until that so called friend kinda betrayed me. She didn't give me any notice that she cancelled her plan to take the day-off and went to work instead. Another thing is, another manager came and asked about me. I mean, for the love of god, she never asked about me before. And yet when I first done this, she had to catch me off guard. Without any backup, without anything. I was kinda angry and sad at the same time. I didn't expect this to happened. A friend betrayed me and saved her ass instead without telling me, and a sucky manager caught me. I bet that manager contacted my manager and said that I took the day-off without consulting her. Off to a great start. 

Second, since I already took that damn day-off, I had a plan with ugi. We were gonna prescribe my glasses and go someplace to do my work. It was all good until I got a phone from him right after my shower saying that he was involved in an accident and had broken his bones. 

you can take a breath right here.

In his whole life, he had never involved in any accident, even broken a bone. I was completely blown apart and rushed my ass to his. I don't care about anything. I rode my motorcycle to the train station, took the train and arrived at his house. He was miserable. I saw his eyes begging for health. I got explanation that his brakes were dull and there was a car in front of him that stop unnoticeably. He was thrown from the motorcycle and had to concentrate his weight on the shoulder, which shouldn't be done. He broke his upper left bone near the neck area, probably one of his lateral, and need to wear a support bandage. 

Maybe you can imagine what if I didn't take that day-off. Ugi wouldn't drive so carelessly that noon and his bones would be fine. 

Now I need to give him time to recover for at least a month. And that's a long time...

I always guess what's God plan for us, for him, for me. Why should we received this kind of pain. The way kak Ugi never pass a single interview and end up unemployed until now. The way God put kak Ugi into so much pain that needs to break his bone off. 

I don't have any trust on 2018 anymore. It has only been 5 days and it sucks so much that lead me to literally wish to die this year. I can't do this anymore.