Saturday, August 19, 2017

When You Decided to Leave

I know it was not literally leaving
I know I should've understand the circumstances
To finally live 40 up to 50 days long without the figure of someone whose always been there
Is not a very pleasing feeling

People said,
Ah, 50 days. That's nothing
I know. You said it. I never know
Never in my life I would ever figure it out by myself to live 50 days without that figure
You said you can live up to 10 months
I know I wouldn't last

This is not a trial
I believe we can fight this
This is not the end
I believe its just a path
That'll lead us to
Lighter way

Please be safe
Be aware of anything that might happen up there
Put yourself fully to the One
Don't do any sin
And pray much more for the sin you've done
So please be safe
Be healthy