Wednesday, June 13, 2018

The World Has Come to An End

I think the world has come to near end right now. I used to think that someday Indonesia will get better, smarter and just the whole changing into a better country. Because somewhere around the edge, I can always find a news about Indonesia evolving into tech world or anything related with education, for example, about couple years ago some kid I don’t know exposed his invention about making electric car and another kid did some research and found that some type of trees can produce electric for a whole village. That’s actually something big for national media to cover but they weren’t famous news. They just popped up once in national media and that was it, as if their invention and education were not that big of a deal.

Lack of recognition is something that national media always do to people with good education. I found the news and thought that those kids might need hundred days to be able to come up with that conclusion, or to produce something and the media seemed to not care about any of their work. Its pretty disappointing about how the news work in Indonesia, maybe the government control them, I just don’t understand.

The reason I say that the world has come to an end right now is because my motherland is acting really strange these past 2 years. It started off with a great hero named Pak Ahok that was misunderstood and literally backstabbed by a person that identify himself as the voice of Muslim. Few months later after that, that person was jailed because he found guilty making fake news and blackmailing Pak Ahok for a blasphemy issue whilst Pak Ahok himself explained it didn’t mean that—it being his speech. But then it didn’t end there, a group of radical Muslim crowded capital road yelling about racism, killing Pak Ahok, and said that non-Muslim are bad people. That group lead by none other than Rizieq. He actually called Habib Rizieq but I don’t want to call a person that caused a riot and a disunity of Indonesia a Habib—it means that he’s a respected person. This Rizieq was yelling ‘bunuh Ahok’ for millionth times and people around him didn’t seem to bother. It was disappointing how Indonesia turned out to be.

Since then, Indonesia knows no mercy. Religion doesn’t bring Indonesia to unity, it breaks ‘em apart. Until now, even a friend of mine who thinks that Ahok was a bad man, become a racist and part of radical Muslim. She seems to agree that non-Muslim need to be consider an enemy. She has been blinded by radicalism. I once told her that Islam means peace and mercy. No hadith or Qur’an verse told us to hostile non-Muslims, instead, Muhammad SAW told us to make friends with them and appreciate each other—as human being. But she disagreed and said that I don’t have as many knowledges about religion to be able to say that to her. I mean, don’t you get it? Its textbook. If your religion ever told you to make enemies, you urgently need to seek for other religion.

Since then also, I never feel safe in my own country. Everytime I scroll some random social media timeline, I always find somebody debating over religion and the radical ones always seem to be dumber than the logic one, and that’s pathetic. I never found the same debate when I was in highschool because religion is still something that is not being discussed, its something that puts people together. Now its like hell on earth. Indonesia’s getting backwards instead of forwards.

Though maybe you were wondering, why on earth would a girl like me care about that stuff? I’m not the type of person who cares about what our country will grow up into as long as it doesn’t affect me so much, then I don’t give a fuck. But my mind keeps wondering these days and its getting heavier for me to hold on. Believe it or not, I get scared sometimes when I meet niqab girl. I get scared talking to people who looks like they join the radical club. Eventhough I wear hijab every time I go outside, I still don’t feel like I’m one of those Muslim people. I pray like usual and that’s it. I don’t go to Liqo or any kind of Qur’an group that told people that they were only teach how to read ‘em yet they always include those radical speech to escort people into one of them. I sometimes scared to make new friends if they somehow, I can tell through how they tell ideas, that they were one of them. I’m scared to play or use social media because those people are now using every platform on the internet to spread their hatred. I’m scared to ever voice my opinion about anything religion because people might have misunderstood, and I might get judge for what I do. I’m scared if my parents ever have that thoughts on them and lecture it to me, yet I don’t want to listen to that kind of crap.

I’m now overwhelm with everything that has been happening in Indonesia and for some reason, its something that people should also consider because its getting pretty serious, the scare part. How should we remind the majority that Islam is peaceful and beautiful? Our prophet Muhammad never once in his life hate on people because its they were non-Muslims. Our prophet always tells us that we should make peace. Don’t ever compare Islam culture now and back then when there were still wars. I really want to encourage people to learn how to define and interpret the meaning of every verse in Qur’an not as literal as possible. Because interpreting it needs knowledge, at least Islam Philosophy—I once took this class when I was still in college and the lecturer said to every one of us that Al-Qur’an tidak bisa diartikan secara literal atau tekstual. Setiap ayatnya memiliki makna yang lebih dari itu. Oleh karena itu, setiap manusia butuh belajar filsafat islam untuk dapat mengartikan ayatnya tidak dengan ceroboh.

Di dalam Al-Qur’an tertulis bahwa jika ada muslim yang bertemu dengan orang non-Muslim, bunuhlah orang tersebut. Apabila ayat tersebut di artikan secara ceroboh, para muslim sekarang akan membunuh setiap orang yang berbeda keyakinan. Namun, ayat itu tidak bisa diartikan seperti literal atau sesuai dengan teks. Ayat itu di turunkan ketika zaman perang. Muslim yang bertemu orang non diperbolehkan membunuh karena sedang zaman perang dan itu sebagai bagian untuk melindungi diri. Apabila ayat itu diartikan dan diaplikasikan sekarang, perang dunia ke-3 akan mulai hanya karena salah mengartikan ayat tersebut. Maka dari itu berhati-hatilah dalam mengartikan ayat. Setiap ayat tidak bisa diartikan sesuai teks. Lihat ke belakang, lihat sejarahnya kapan ayat itu turun dan dimana turunnya. Lalu lihat konteks dari ayat itu, maka itulah yang disebut filsafat islam.

I remember it vividly about that and I’m nothing but to agree. Qur’an is a Holy Book that you shouldn’t be allowed to translate and interpret whatever you want. You should read it, but you should consult to a lecture about how to understand the meaning of it. Please don’t do it carelessly.

I think that’s all what I want to say. I know my blog isn’t famous anyway, so nobody would read this but I’m glad I can write it right.